How to drink tea?

What is the best way to drink tea?

the answer of this question revolves around three aspects: the right tea, the right temperature, and the right time.

MORNING: The stronger, single-origin black teas from Assam, Ceylon, and China, as well as English and Irish breakfast blends, can help make greeting the day a little easier. These are sometimes best with a splash of cream or milk.

LUNCH/EARLY AFTERNOON: Try mellower green teas (sencha, jasmine, matcha, Mao Feng)

BEDTIME: Most people look for something with no caffeine at the end of the waking day. Herbal or fruit teas are caffeine-free and provide a soothing alternative.

The Right Temperature

The temperature you steep your tea at depends on what kind of tea you are brewing. White and green teas are more delicate and can scorch easier than black teas and pu-erhs

Generally, it’s recommended that you steep green and white teas at 170-175 degrees Fahrenheit and oolongs, black teas, and pu-erhs at 180-212 degrees Fahrenheit. Herbal teas fluctuate a bit more, so you’ll have to do some experimenting with temperature to get the flavor that you like out of them. A lot of people use boiling water (around 212 degrees Fahrenheit) for their herbal teas as well.

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